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I ordered a Dell E7470 laptop on the afternoon of Wednesday 21/07/2021 on the SmartGadgets139 website. Paid for it and this morning they contacted me to inform me that the one I ordered was sold, but they would give instead give me a newer Dell E7480 instead at the SAME price! 😲 They constantly updated me on the order and at 12h20 informed me that the laptop would be delivered in the next hour. Was I surprised when the courier arrived at 12h50? 😲. The courier guy handed the laptop over in a brand-new laptop skin. Companies are not all created equal. Just because two companies offer the same services and support, the result might be vastly different. The service I received from this company is THE VASTLY DIFFERENT ONE! If I could, I would give them 10 Stars. I will most certainly make use of the services in the future. Thank you SmartGadgets139.💪
Just wanted to say thanks a lot. When I was reviewing your site saw a lot of negative comments about you guys, allow me to put a very positive one in there from my side as the service provided by you guys was excellent. Im really enjoying the phone and blown away by the quality of this second hand device. Immaculate condition, it's like I have a new phone. Everything has been going extremely smooth and I couldn't be happier. Not only was the phone great but the team was nice enough to inform me that the price had actually been taken down more than I knew (saved even more money with them). That's honesty I truly appreciate. One of the guys said something .to me along the lines of "ease of mind is what we sell", that's exactly what it was. They let me sit there and take my time inspecting the product, running all sorts of tests and not once did I feel like I was rushed or pressured into taking the phone, they just carried on with their business which I truly appreciate. If you're looking for a great phone at a budget, look no further! Thanking the team at Smart Gadgets 139 again!
I bought my watch from smart Gadgets and i was very pleased with the service i had received. i was given plenty of surety over my parcel which made things alot more relaxing. my parcel was in great condition and arrived on time. thanks alot smart gadget
Brilliant customer service. The product was in exceptional condition even though it was pre-owned. I would recommend giving this place a look for your tech needs